Wednesday, August 29, 2012


So I promised a friend (or two, fine, a couple actually) to keep this blog up. Since I was, oh so confidently, boasted about that here Kanya is finally doing her neglected e-chore. So..

How are you?

Since this is supposed to be a monolog I am great :) and let's put this intro sesh aside and talk about food. Yeah, ever since I started to live by my own, far from family and, especially, my dearest mbak-mbak at home.. I have to cook. Not that am complaining, surprisingly far from that. Now, since we all know a picture says a thousand words:

Chicken Katsu Curry -- One of my food obsessions since I was so young. I think I read too much manga and this was one of my long term curiosity because I have never gotten a chance to try this dish until I was in junior high when japanese restaurants started to swarm the capital. When I moved here, I was so happy to know that the curry block was quite cheap. Howeva, I started to cook a more 'serious' version this year with additional onions, apple, and honey.

Martabak -- This was my first trial ever using the Happycall pan, which was given my grandma. I actually rarely use the pan and this turned a tad undercooked.  Quite sure I'll give it another try in the future, though :)

Onigiri -- Again, my Japanese dishes obsession. Isn't this onigiri wrapper such a cutesy? This is exactly like what you'll get in the Japanese specialty supermarkets/stores in Jakarta (e.g. Kamome). I made few common onigiri with salmon (sake) and tuna mayo fillings. But the other day I got nasi uduk and grilled lamb left-overs and turned them into a couple of onigiri.

Putri Salju -- a bit burned and hard but it was a nice, personal, touch of Ramadhan :)

Homemade Anko (Red Bean Paste) and Matcha (Green Tea) Ice Cream -- This is one of my favorite desserts and I remember how I was disappointed so bad when I tried the one from a small japanese dessert shop in Pondok Indah Mall. I challenged myself to make my own version of homemade Anko, which to my surprise turned just the way I like it! I bought the ice cream from the asian store near unilodge and skipped the white glutinous balls.

Rainbow cake in a jar and red velvet cupcakes -- I did not make them. The rainbow cake was from a friend's mom and the red cupcakes were from my friend. They were nice although I have to stop thinking about the amount of artificial colors when I was eating them.

Banana, Biskuit Mari, Red Velvet flakes, and cream -- put a bit of vanilla essence and a gulp of heaven is yours! This is my current favorite dessert just because it is fast and yum. Who can resist the heavenly combination of banana and cream? The red velvet flakes was additional, though. I was just trying to finish my cupcake :p

Butter Chicken -- This is my favorite Indian food in Australia. I like the mild, sweet, and savoury combination of the dish. Again, I challenged myself to cook the dish. There are various ways to cook this and I like the Australian-adjusted version because the flavour is less strong and more creamy. This was my second attempt and it turned so nice although I skipped few important ingredients like the fenugreek leaves.

Chi Chong Fan (Cheong Fun) -- I still remember waiting for Chong Fan street vendors to stop by  in front of my school during my elementary and junior high days. I don't think Chong Fan is a popular street snacks in Jakarta because they usually used chopped pieces of the un-halal ham. But I was allowed to eat ham back then anywaay :p Btw, since the seller rarely stop-by this has become my long-term crave since forever and a few weeks ago I came across a couple of recipes on the net to make cheong fun. My first trial turned great although I need Hoisin sauce to perfect the cheong fun sauce.

But as much as I love to cook, I still need my mbaks in the end of the day just to do the dishes :p


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