Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Blog Skin

Bagi yang sudah lama mengikuti blog saya pasti sadar tahun lalu saya mengganti blog yang lama dengan yang baru dengan memakai url yang sama. Sudah hampir 8 tahun saya nge-blog  dan blog yang lama berisi banyak sekali kenangan tapi akhirnya saya memutuskan lebih baik itu saya jadikan konsumsi pribadi :p

Bagi yang sudah lama menjadi pembaca blog ini pun pasti sadar saya suka membuat layout sendiri. It's true that for the last 3 years I've been somewhat neglecting this blog. Put aside my old-almost-stale excuse ("I'm so busy, doing uni abroad isnt easy. tsk!"), finally I realized that.. nope, simple is not always nice. My blog is so boring. Maybe this is also due to those dry courses i've been doing for the last 3 years but, really, I crave for colors (pastels!) and shapes. So after few many, many, hours..


See those colorful pastel polkadots? Oh, I'm in love with them! Frankly speaking I scanned copied them from my iPad sticker that I got from Typo yesterday and /sighs/ sorry, but none of those pictures are mine (except for the 'polaroid' photos on the banner) :p

Noticed that something's off with my iPad decal? I bought the wrong size :p
Since I feel bad, I'm giving credits for everyone..

Blog Template - okay, I still remember I did this 7 years ago when I was still in junior high (up until I was in high school, pre-IB madness for sure). Editing css and trying to make it as original as I could. Surprisingly, just like the old days, I had to spent hours and hours to get this somewhat simple template done yet this is not from scratch. I got the basic code from here.

The Original Template
Fonts - Apart from the default post font, I used Indonesiana Serif and Dawning of A New Day for the banner. They are free from Dafont.

Stickers - This is the most important credit, I got those cutesies from here. She made a cute doodle font set by herself and, for a non-art student like me, that is just awesome!

The Doodle Font
Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram Buttons - I got the doodled FB and Twitter icons from here. The set doesn't have Instagram icon so I edited a bit with original logo from here.

This is so much fun, I wonder why I never thought about being a web designer :p anyways, I wanted to share some more random stuff but too tired to take pictures and upload them nicely. The next post, that is :)

For those who are celebrating the magical 25th of December,
I wish you a lovely and merry Christmas :)


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