Thursday, October 3, 2013

Dear TV

Dear TV, desensitize me.
Gimme more genocide please.
The world is your aphrodisiac, so you stay turned on every minute, every second I breathe.

You weaponize greed, kill me with incessant I needs.
Got me checkin' out those, and checkin' out these.
Mainstream me, disinfectin' my breed.

I'm lookin' for nirvana but you Geffenize me.
Point me to the skies till heaven's eye bleeds.
Anoint me with your lies then divinize me.

If heaven is a show, well, televise me.
But I won't lie my way in, no fakin' IDs. I'll die standin'.
Try breakin my knees. I'll do a handstand like I'm breakin'.

Now freeze.
Don't act like you know me 'cause you recognize me.
You sell my record, not me.

It's Tablo, after all.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

of graduation and the boyfriend

After years and years of school, assignments, and everything attached to it, finally the boyfriend had his graduation few days ago :) I really wanted to mark the moment and make it special but sadly I could not be there to witness everything. Also I was too occupied with school to actually come up with something sweet and now I regretted the fact that I only have 'Congratulation' for him.

Graduation means another stepping stone to the next stage of life, a bold mark of change. I really wish you a clear sky, bright, and happy future. Again, congratulation for everything you have achieved.

I'm so proud of you, sayang.

I take relationships very personal and obviously I rarely mention this on the blog, but this is a very important event for him and I really want to put it in my personal record.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Oh why is it so dry these days?
Like where are you ikemen(s) have been hiding?

I re-watched the then-boring series, Personal Preference, with Lee Min Ho in it and because I'm a positive ikemen-deprived victim, now I'm squeaky over him. Why suddenly he become so cute? I didn't even bother to watch the whole thing 3 years ago or even the Korean version of Hana Yori Dango. Anyways, good thing he's gonna be back for another romance drama *insert creepy squeaky fangirl laugh* this is the first time ever I'm actually waiting for a drama before they start airing it.

Okay, maybe it's because I've been waiting in vain for updates of Shingeki no Kyojin, which is obviously a non-cutesy semi-shonen, and the live-action series of Yamada-kun to Nananin no Majo it's a perfect Japanese total randomness with obvious non-sense (and surprisingly great acting) which I love. But Yamamoto Yusuke does not fit into my definition of ikemen, sadly.

So, ikemen please come out and bring some mushiness to the world!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Turkey Trip: Istanbul

The very reason Turkey is among my top destination list is Istanbul, followed by Capadoccia. Few years ago I was doing my rare potato-couching sesh in front of the TV and came across a show about Turkey. Ever since, I know I have to visit that place, I just know. Why? It's plain magical. Istanbul has a very interesting historical dynamics embedded to every single part of the city while Capadoccia is pure God's creation. If I were not Indonesian and not from a tropical country, I imagine I'll regard Indonesia as my Turkey: exotic at best. It was that amazing.

Surprise, surprise.
I never imagined I will ever spend 6 weeks in Turkey plus the awesome companions. I didn't even know where I was going 2 months before the departure date. Few months back I vowed to live a better life, to explore, to travel, and discover.. now I believe words are prayers.

Most, if not all, travelling guides regard Istanbul as the top destination in Turkey. One reason is because of its geographical location which shared Asia and Europe continents so you could stand in two different continent in a day. The other attraction is, of course, the history. Istanbul is the heart of the great Ottoman Empire and many of the most important architecture of the empire still stood awesomely in this very city. The most famous ones would be the historical sites around Sultanahmed area. To name a few: Blue Mosque (Sultanahmed Camii), Hagia Sophia (Ayasofya), Topkapi Palace, the wallet-squeezing Grand Bazaar, Basilica Cistern, and there goes the long list.

Aladdin's lamp!

I went there during one of the free weekends with a unique mixture of friends: Di (Malaysia), Venus (Hong Kong), Ann (Taiwan), Ilhem (France/Algeria), and I. Everyone on the street (even the tourist-expert sellers in Grand Bazaar) was having a hard 1-2 seconds to understand why we travelled together. We took a 1.5 hours bus from Izmit and go to the European part by ferry (Europe-Asia in one day ticked! actually it was only 20 minutes or so :p). We were having our aww and oww moments in the ferry because you could see some of the unique camii (mosque), it was just plain beauty.

Our first destination was the Grand Bazaar, because it was just across the street from our hostel. I tell you, every single thing, every-single-thing in this bazaar is very unique. Some say its similar to the other Mediterranean nations but lolwat I come from the other part of the world so bear with me okay. But then, just small tips if you are planning to devote most of your holiday allowance in this place: it may not worth the deal. The sellers are definitely tourist-experts and they set the price triple or quadruple most of the times so if you have time or budget-conscious do your little price research from shop to shop. Chances are the shops outside the Bazaar are way cheaper so if you don't have time just buy from these ones.

The next destination was another side of the European part (even this part is divided into two) to see the Galata Tower, stroll over the packed Istiklal Street, and the-then-so-hype Taksim Square (because of the protest, but it was not on when I was there). The beautiful french girl (that is exactly how I called her :p) got us two kind local guides and we stroll over to the other end of the Bosphorus. Isn't nice to have a pretty girl in your group? :p

Street performer (?) near Galata Tower

I don't know why everyone is so mesmerised by the street artist :p

Another street musician on Istiklal Street

The next day we went to the main attraction: Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, small handcraft market, and went to the seaside to eat the infamous fish bread. Before finally go back to Izmit :)

Before flying back to Jakarta (and Sydney in a week), I spent 2 days in Istanbul with some of the girls. I stayed in the same hostel with Di and Anelya (Kazakhstan). We had an amazing dinner and went to Topkapi Palace the next day. In an instant this has become my favorite spot in Istanbul. Why? This is the palace of the Ottoman sultans (plus a special building for their Harems), the oh-so-beautiful place is not only full of flowers, gold, one of the biggest diamond in the world, Moses' (self-proclaimed) wand, and unique Ottoman designs everywhere but also the history, politics, and dynamics of being in the central of the power. If you ever read Aladdin or 1000 stories of Arabian Nights and saw the grails and plates made (not plated) of gold with precious stone decorations.. they are real, people! REAL. Long story short, you really have to see them by yourself!

Blue Mosque

The fish bread! I always remember the story of Jesus, fish, and bread whenever I see this picture

I met/saw several groups of Indonesians strolling over the streets in Sultanahmet. I didn't know Turkey was such a destination, but I can understand why. Maybe it is the perfect definition of exotic for us :p In Hagia Sophia, I bumped into a group of Indonesians who were having a temporary work in Istanbul to set up some sort of IT thing. I also met two Indonesian students in the tram. Don't you think they are sooo lucky to study there?

Cordial House Hostel
I only stayed in this hostel during my both visits to Istanbul but compared to any other dorm/hostel I have been in my life (including the other hostels in Turkey), I can say this is one of the best! Free internet, clean bed, clean bathroom, although not too appealing view (but who cares about the view anyway, you got Istanbul to discover!), near tram station and Grand Bazaar. The price is also very very reasonable. I stayed in the dorm room (6 bed) and 3 bed room with private bathroom. Both are nice :)

Thursday, September 19, 2013


Rumah kosong
Sudah lama ingin dihuni
Adalah teman bicara
Siapa saja atau apa
Jendela, kursi Atau bunga di meja
Sunyi, menyayat seperti belati
Meminta darah yang mengalir dari mimpi

A personal favourite.
Saya fans berat musikalisasi puisi dan sajak dari Subagio Sastrowardoyo ini sangat sederhana dan sentimental. oh.

Ayo musisi Indonesia buat lebih banyak lagi musikalisasi puisi :D

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

of skincare, food, and sweet tunes

I've been writing the Turkey post but oh my so much memories and love that I'm having a hard time to sort it out plus the neverending assignments obeviously don't help at all, but see how Kanya is now blogging instead of actually start writing something more useful.

Anywaays, I've been finally quite devoted to my skincare routine lately (yes mom, finally after 22 years). I am so thankful that I have a pretty good skin, despite the dreadful puberty times long ago, so I don't really need to put on anything and I (always feel like) am good to go with moisturiser and compact powder (and of course, eye liner).

Until one day I realised how dull and scary my face was. Really, like a living panda. This has been the busiest 6 months in my entire schooling history, with at least 2 assignment dues every week obviously I got more attached to my caffeine cuppas and lacking of sleep: not good. So, finallyyy I started to realise the importance of taking care of myself and I discovered the magic of Korean and Japanese skincare. This is not about BB creams and the cute packagings, but the entire lengthy skincare range. I was like oh too troublesome to put at least 4 different things on my face, twice per day :/ but I'm giving it a go anyway.

A long research it was, choosing the products are not easy because, you know, there is a LOT of them and I'm basically a skincare noob and only familiar with American/Australian products which apparently use more bad chemicals. In the end, I got a combination of raved and cult products like Benton, Etude House, Laneige, Kose, and so on. Since, I don't have a troubled skin to start with and dark circles are impossible to be removed with creams,  the result may not be as visible but so far I'm happy with it :) at the very least, I started to care on how I look hahaha

Fine, I'll stop the beauty rant and proceed on my cooking rant.

Last week I finally perfected the Japanese cheesecake and many love them so maybe I'll share the recipe! Also, my friends and I are planning to set a siomay booth for Festival Indonesia next October and we started the trial galore yesterday night. The result is okay but still have things to make it sellable and edible.

aand, I'll let you to enjoy the day with this lovely tunes from Banda Neira*

*Just a small trivia, my grandpa was once exiled in this island along with Hatta and many others.

Have a wonderful day, people :]

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Spring Dew

Can't you believe it? Spring is already here! Swoon!

Apparently, I've been missing the aesthetic side of the best season of all as I was living on-campus and hardly go to anywhere 'far'. Since I dropped yoga last semester, I kind of dropped the whole exercise thing because obviously I don't have access to the free Unilodge gym anymore (and it's not like I like going to a gym). Yet, I lost around 4 kg when I was in Turkey simply because I was walking all the time and I had to climb to go to the dorm. So, inspired by my housemate, I decided to walk from ANU to go back home or vice versa. I think that's the least I can do without spending much time (like if I do yoga) because obviously this semester is like a death penalty--even I have 2 assignment dues during the break. No joke. Who dare to violate the student freedom rights? lol. Anyways, with my snail pace it takes around 1 hour+ to do the 4.5 km walk. Not too bad because it takes 30 minutes by bus :)

Who'll ever guess that I'd enjoy my walk? With little help from google maps, I took alternative routes and discover new parts of Canberra which I've never seen (or care enough) before. Actually this is quite sad since this is coming from someone who's been living in Canberra for the past 4 years /chuckles/. If you are following my instagram, you'll get the vibe that I'm kind of obsessed with Sakura or Cherry Blossoms. Ah well, I am! I love those fragile cute petals which you can only enjoy in a blink, because they shed so fast.

Korean drama-inspired display (?) in Braddon

I found a small alley in the neighbourhood, I really thought they don't have alleys like this in Canberra :p

Spring is just perfect because you get the sun and soft wind blow, of course not everyday, but at least we get warmer weather and I finally can leave my thick jackets at home! I find it funny that in Canberra we talk a lot about the weather and not so much in Jakarta (except during hard rains and floods)--people are just dwelled to deep behind the hustle bustles in the Big Durian?

Anyways, have a good weekend people!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Turkey Trip 1: The 'Noble Task' - AIESEC Kocaeli Break Up the Barrier Project

Disclaimer: I do not intend to offend any party mentioned in this post, I just want to give clear description about the exchange experience, including the not-so-sweet-and-rainbows moments.

Well, IT WAS ONE OF THE BEST TIMES IN MY LIFE. full period. no joke.

The journey began as soon as I finished my last exam, I spent one night in the Big Durian and woosh the next day I already arrived in Ataturk International Airport in Istanbul. My first 6 hours ever in Istanbul wasn't as pleasing because I was just sitting in the airport's Starbucks, but the moment I realized, I was already back in the airport and waiting for my flight to go back. Six weeks flew like a jet, it was like a dream. Like Haha's daughter name if you know what I mean lol!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

about you

3 years
1097 days
156 weeks
1,579,680 minutes

6,518 kilometers
3 countries
5 airports
7 cities

It’s been a long journey yet I know we crave for more;
I love you.

Long time no blogging, I know. Time flies as usual and now farewell is already waiting there. I really don't know where and how to start the stories about this amazing journey in Turkey. I really need a special moment to brainstorm everything. Btw, check my instagram to see some spoilers :p

Happy Saturday people!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

and so

Eh? My last post was on the 10th, time surely flies.

I had exams, packing & cleaning, a long journey to Jakarta (via the hazy Singapore), quick reunion with the dearest(s), and a loooong flight to Istanbul (again, via the smokey Singapore) on my list. I don't know how many airports I've gone through in the last 48 hours. The land down under certainly named so for a very obvious reason :p Canberra is almost like Tatooine, far far awaaay.

Anyway, the only important thing is I'm currently in the Ataturk Airport, Istanbul. YES. Perfect example of a dream come true. I've always wanted to go to Turkey and I know that something big in my life will happen in this very country. Okay, maybe not that big but you know what I mean. Continuing my AIESEC story, yes, I am officially matched to an AIESEC project in Izmit (also called as Kocaeli). Soo, now I'm waiting patiently, with my weirdly-tasted caramel frap, for the AIESEC Kocaeli person to get me at the airport. Yeah, talk about the positive correlation between boredom and number of blog posts :p

Since this is so random and I started to sound like a whiny little brat. I will update more professional posts later :> Nothing, I'm just too tired to function like a proper human.

Happy Saturday people!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

The tale of Tatouine and its parallel universe version, Tatooine

The name Tatooine should be familiar for those who have watched any of the double trilogy of Star Wars. I don't exactly remember when I came up with the idea of naming my blog Personal Tatooine, but it should be circa 2005-6. Ah yes, this blog is relatively new compared to my almost rotten, old, full of adolescence hormones blog, which is now under strict surveillance by the owner with limited public access :p and yes, I cherish and adore Star Wars--definitely inspirational, at the very  least manifested in the name of my very private online domain lol. Yet apparently I wasn't as knowledgeable as the so-called hardcore Star Wars fans, although I won't categorize myself as one because this will be frowned upon, because I just realized that Tatooine is real.

I was like dshdbshadbnasbdhasbdnhjsabdhsadhash what.

I watched the long Star Wars documentary before they released the last instalment (episode 3) of the second trilogy (or you can say its the first one, oh so confusing) back in 2005 and I definitely know they did the filming on a real desert. I just didn't realize that the buildings and all are real, they are real people. REAL.

These amazing architectures are located in southern Tatouine district in Tunisia, which obviously where George Lucas derived the name, Tatooine, from. These are called Ksar or adobe granaries (same here. got no idea but sounds sophisticated, no?) and was built by the Berbers. The Ksour (prural) are also known for its water management and ventilation technology to keep the rooms cool during the hottest days. are you sure you're not real too, Luke?

Another interesting news is the fan-driven restoration of Star Wars filming set, the old homestead of Skywalker/Lars family. read their awesome project here. this is undeniably what I call the hardcore fans, those who are not only complaining over Disney haha (while I'm actually excited over the new movie plans and more more more merchandise, yes, I categorize myself as a commercial fan).

So yeah, has been officially added to my bucket list!

The idea behind Personal Tatooine is a private imaginary planet where I can keep my stashes; the quirkiest, wittiest, and deepest thoughts and feelings. Why the dry, hot, and dirty Tatooine? Why not the beautiful and lush Naboo? I'm not certainly sure why, but I think of Tatooine as the furthest point in my own space and everything starts and stays there. It is secluded, foreign yet familiar, and far far awaay.

Thursday, June 6, 2013


I think I'm obsessed with everything cute nowadays. see this blog template? and the fact that I just bought an owl onesie (yes, ebay FTW!)? not sure why, but I've always known this cutesy spirit is somewhere within me or maybe I just have a reverse ageing problem. but but some are just too hard to resist, like these bunnies:

POP Flats

and this cat:

it's okay, I'm in the process of adopting the bunnies so all is good :p a light remedy to heal my lost. yes, I just realized that my claddagh ring went MIA.

on the more serious note, the boyfriend is having his supposedly last night as a student abroad. time flies isn't it? but all of his life progress lately has been a joyous one :) kinda hard to actually realize that the long-waited permanent reunion in Jakarta is coming in just few more months. I really wish that when I'm leaving Canberra for good, everything is good and all I want to remember is a simple smile.

anyways happy Thursday :)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Dan ku tau kau tak pernah bilang gila, dan tak pernah kau ku tau bilang gila, namun kau tak juga pernah bilang gila, tak kan pernah, tak kan pernah hilang jiwa,

Diantara sejumlah bilang yang mengila, disamping kawan, jangan kau buang yang merasakan berjiwa, disamping lawan..

Dan sekarang semua rasa sudah gila, dan gilapun merasakan punya jiwa, namun kau tak pernah juga bilang gila, tak kan pernah tak kan pernah hilang gila

Dan ku harap menjadi bagianmu, ku bisa gila tak berharap, dan ku harap menjadi harapanmu, ku bisa gilaaa..

sorealist to the moon and beyond and back and and oh. Never forget that one memorable JJF music-ky afternoon back in 2005.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Favorite Local Fashion Scenes

I love artsy people and their works. I love supporting local and fresh talents. Oh I fall deeper whenever they incorporate our roots to their works. I've been a loyal admirer and customer for Cotton Ink since day 1, yes, those awesome times filled with pretty cotton scarfs.

As for UP, obviously I was aware of this local gem through the owner's blog. I've been a devoted reader since 2009 before she opened her own business. I still remember how happy I was to find her blog and realised that she was the same person behind poop art on DeviantArt. I bought a pair of her shoes and have been receiving very good compliments :j it really worth the long wait.

I'm actually kinda lost of the current and newer local retail trends, keeping up with the digital version of Indonesian magazines is not that interesting :/

Monday, June 3, 2013

anonymity at best

oh yes. I have my very own visual garden full of blooming inspirations from anywhere on the tumblr-o-verse. who can resist this kind of temptation anyway? daily dose of beauty, an inch to mind blowing, and inspiring gallery with a touch of that familiar foreign feelings embedded to each of the entry.

oh oh oh.

having said that, let's just keep mine as it is; unknown, hence, foreign.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

I stumbled upon a review of Siwon Six on Goodreads.

The reviewer didn’t really say anything about my story in particular but knowing someone actually spent some time reading it… oh that feeling! :j and apparently writers who are registered on ISBN are automatically added into the writers list on Goodreads. Obviously there is no information on my page but it feels like djnfjdnfjbdjfbjd. wow. Okay, its like excessive sugar-high-punch at best. Happiness when it is no longer defined as a mere state of mind.

just wondering, do I really have readers or is it just that witty google bot donating numbers to the page views everyday?

Yes? No? let me know? :}

Levuka Trip

Few excerpts of memories of my Levuka trip when I was doing an internship in Fiji back in 2011. Levuka is an UNESCO Heritage town located in Ovalau Island so we had to take the ship to go there :) All pictures are not edited and haven't been published before.