Monday, January 14, 2013

[Project Tatooine] #2 a cooking fiesta

Another cooking experiment in 2013, Cinnamon Roll. I was a big fan of Cinabbon, like at one time I was crazy over them, but to get those glazy, chewy, and sweet buns I have to get through the unbelievable jams and parking spot. Yes, the last Cinnabon counter I remember was in Kelapa Gading and not sure if they are still there.

Soo I was lurking on Indochine Kitchen, a peranakan food blog which I frequently visit and found a batch of these fluffy goodness. I know it was an old post and I've seen it before but I just had the right mood and supporting situation (aka a proper oven and kitchen compared to my old studio apartment) to actually try the recipe.

Okay I won't get through the recipe because I followed Jun's recipe to bits. It's just I halved the recipe and sprinkled some chopped apples and raisins on top of the sugared ground cinnamon. I think the crunchy additions give a better chewing sensation :p Oh, I also put the dough on a cupcake pan instead of squeezing them together.


Some may know that I move into a new place every year, this is my fourth permanent accommodation in Australia and finally I live off-campus. I do love the perks of living on-campus; integrated internet connection, close proximity to city and eateries, social hub, and ultimately, the 5 minutes distance to most classes. Yet after 3 years I just wanted something new and different because the downfall of living on-campus just live on-campus. Because everything I needed was very very close I didn't have the urge to explore greater parts of Canberra. Soh last weekend Di was staying over and we had a small cooking fiesta.

Sorry if you can't really see the details, the lighting was kinda bad
Di made a cold salad with shredded chicken, apples, canned fruits, and pasta. Obviously I'm not a big fan of salads and veggies but this one is sooo good because she used fruits. She got the recipe from her mom but if you wanna try basically just boil chicken breast and shred them (like what you do for soto ayam) and mix it with pasta, chopped apples (skins on), canned cocktail fruits, mayo, and Heinz salad dressing. Let it set in the fridge until cold and enjoy your summerish salad :)

I don't know the name for the second recipe, even my housemate who cooked it doesn't know what to call it. I think vegetarian fried sandwich would fit jk idk but anyway it taste so nice umm similar to perkedel. You just need to steam (or boil, but it'd taste better of you steam) a couple of potatoes and carrots. After they are soft enough, mash them with a fork. Sautee crushed garlic, pepper, and salt until golden brown-ish and mix it with the potato mixture. Prepare some crackers and make a sandwich by putting the potato mixture between two crackers. Lastly, coat the sandwich with flour and deep fry!

My breakfast this morning
My other housemate also made a yummy batch of brownies. Of course you can use your own favorite brownies recipe but a dash of ground cinnamon will make it even more magical :p I think I've posted enough pictures lol please try any of the recipe if you have time

andd happy tuesday!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

[Project Tatooine] #1 a dot com

So after a long and unnecessary time spent just to decide the project's name :p finally I came up with something very original, not. Introducing my first personal project ever (after Hope For Peace campaign back in 2007), Project Tatooine.

Nothing grand about this tho, really. Just a digital manifestation of my commitment to try new things. Project Tatooine will cover every single new, exciting, and shareable thing in my life starting from January up until June 2013. Yep a semester it is! I believe food, writing, travel, and photography would have the largest shares since I have a hugee interest on them. But I also want to cover the other areas which lead us to the first ever entry of Project Tatooine:


I now have my own domain, again :D Okay, okay. I admit this is not that new because 2 or 3 years ago I used to have it. But this is 2013 so let's press the restart button yaay! My blog finally has a decent house after years of being homeless in the sea of blogspots.

The second and third entries are already waiting but oh buut I'm too sleepy now :p so I'll see you when I see you!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Tale of Troughs and Peaks

Canberra, 2011
(Usagi Superheadz/ASA 100, edited)

I'm glad I made a decision to stay here this summer. Quiet and hot; It's been a joyous reunion with myself. For the past 3 years I've been (in the most subtle way) questioning myself: am I doing what I want to do? Is this 'it'?

No, it's not because I'm doing it badly and recklessly. I put my best effort to do whatever they asked me to do and I have no problem with my results. But I also realized that deep down it's a cruel conflict between passion and pride. Just to make it worse: I didn't know what my passion is. Totally clueless. Until my supposedly final year, it became worse. Slowly but surely I'm parting with my own means. I started to realize how some people are passionately doing their 'thing' while I don't find what I do is amusing. I know it's no good to compare yourself with other people but when you hardly define what you do as 'happiness', then, something is wrong with it.

Then I asked myself: why?

It took me a year to answer such simple question. Yet the answer is actually as simple. I stopped doing things that I like. I stopped blogging, writing, taking pictures, editing, drawing and doing other artsy things. Uni has been extremely exhaustive and dry (for me). Like a dementor, it consumes my soul. Not being hyperbolic, this is what I feel most of the time. I'm not blaming uni, but I don't have the energy (and creativity) to do my hobbies anymore. Apparently, it makes me less happy.

Until the past year some people may know that I did a few art projects here and that was when I realized my passion. Colours. Oh, colours heal my soul. Also my dream to be an entrepreneur. At first I was asking myself again, was it a wrong decision to choose a non-art academic life?  But then again it's hard to weigh the 'right' and 'wrong'. Since it was entirely my decision to choose this field and my parents (or anyone else) had nothing to do with my final decision. So, if we play the blame game everyone would basically point at me.

Putting the bits together will explain why last year was quite hard. I think the conflict was starting to emerge to the surface as I was being aware of it. In the end some things got messed up and I came to the final decision. To my surprise I don't regret my decision 3 years ago and looking back I'd make the same decision. Although it's been a rocky road, for the past 20 years I've always been on the smooth side. So I learned a lot and more than thankful to have wonderful parents who support me.

Aaaand Just to put it there and get some people back on the right track: No, ANU is not trying to kick me out since I did nothing to make them do so.


On the other and brighter sidee, I promised to post something 'new and interesting' and few days ago I came up with something. The last time I did this was around 7 or 8 years ago and I'm still working on it. It should be something light and refreshing soo stay tuned ;p

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Twenty Thirteen!

Canberra, 2013


How was 2012 for you? For me, frankly, it wasn't really good. I got to deal with lots of stuff and nothing was really spectacular like the the awesome fireworks I just saw last night. Academically, I failed my last year's resolution to graduate. Social-wise, I failed to maintain some silaturahmi ties with certain people and hardly put more effort to do so (which is not a good thing at all :/). Lastly, maybe not many people know this, but I got into a car accident and dislocated my finger back in April. So, nope, 2012 wasn't one of my favorite years. After all pains, struggles, tears, and laughs: I made a crucial decision last year. I won't go any deeper but this decision somewhat changed my life direction. It wasn't easy but I think I had to do it anyway.

But let's put those things aside and move to the brighter corner. I did some minor new stuffs like brazilian wax (no, once is enough for me), bikram yoga (and I'm loving it), went to Coldplay's concert, cooking experiments, wrote a couple of short stories, got accompanied by a special visitor from Jakarta for few days :p andd did a major renovation on this blog. Some people were asking me to keep on updating the blog and it's indeed a pleasure to know that they enjoy my updates :) so, I'll try to update it more frequently. Anyway, I just realised I didn't do much travel this year except Jakarta and Sydney. Oh dear, I really want to do more things this year.

Since it's a new year, I have to come up with new resolutions. To be honest, I don't have a special bucket list for this year but I think I'll come up with something anyway. Few years ago a friend said that I don't have the excitement for some 'new and challenging' things that should be appealing for my age back then (to name a few: cigarettes, clubbing and alcohol). Looking back, I think she's right. Even after I tried all of it, I still don't regard those kind of things as 'cool and exciting' (Being a Jakartan, I fully understand those are the essential 'social tools').

Well, I feel like naturally being on the 'right' path but also boring in the same time :p Sooo, the main mission for this year is to do things that I haven't done before. I mean, I did some weird stuff before but never really feel that I have to record it on this blog. Just to keep everything memorable, I'll write every single shareable thing that I do! :)

That's all for today, I wish you a lovely and wonderful new year!