Thursday, January 10, 2013

[Project Tatooine] #1 a dot com

So after a long and unnecessary time spent just to decide the project's name :p finally I came up with something very original, not. Introducing my first personal project ever (after Hope For Peace campaign back in 2007), Project Tatooine.

Nothing grand about this tho, really. Just a digital manifestation of my commitment to try new things. Project Tatooine will cover every single new, exciting, and shareable thing in my life starting from January up until June 2013. Yep a semester it is! I believe food, writing, travel, and photography would have the largest shares since I have a hugee interest on them. But I also want to cover the other areas which lead us to the first ever entry of Project Tatooine:


I now have my own domain, again :D Okay, okay. I admit this is not that new because 2 or 3 years ago I used to have it. But this is 2013 so let's press the restart button yaay! My blog finally has a decent house after years of being homeless in the sea of blogspots.

The second and third entries are already waiting but oh buut I'm too sleepy now :p so I'll see you when I see you!


  1. Kanyaaa! Apa kabarr? Gak sengaja main2 ke blog kamu nihhh huhuuuu

  2. Baiiik :D terima kasih masih dilihat blognyaa haha