Monday, January 14, 2013

[Project Tatooine] #2 a cooking fiesta

Another cooking experiment in 2013, Cinnamon Roll. I was a big fan of Cinabbon, like at one time I was crazy over them, but to get those glazy, chewy, and sweet buns I have to get through the unbelievable jams and parking spot. Yes, the last Cinnabon counter I remember was in Kelapa Gading and not sure if they are still there.

Soo I was lurking on Indochine Kitchen, a peranakan food blog which I frequently visit and found a batch of these fluffy goodness. I know it was an old post and I've seen it before but I just had the right mood and supporting situation (aka a proper oven and kitchen compared to my old studio apartment) to actually try the recipe.

Okay I won't get through the recipe because I followed Jun's recipe to bits. It's just I halved the recipe and sprinkled some chopped apples and raisins on top of the sugared ground cinnamon. I think the crunchy additions give a better chewing sensation :p Oh, I also put the dough on a cupcake pan instead of squeezing them together.


Some may know that I move into a new place every year, this is my fourth permanent accommodation in Australia and finally I live off-campus. I do love the perks of living on-campus; integrated internet connection, close proximity to city and eateries, social hub, and ultimately, the 5 minutes distance to most classes. Yet after 3 years I just wanted something new and different because the downfall of living on-campus just live on-campus. Because everything I needed was very very close I didn't have the urge to explore greater parts of Canberra. Soh last weekend Di was staying over and we had a small cooking fiesta.

Sorry if you can't really see the details, the lighting was kinda bad
Di made a cold salad with shredded chicken, apples, canned fruits, and pasta. Obviously I'm not a big fan of salads and veggies but this one is sooo good because she used fruits. She got the recipe from her mom but if you wanna try basically just boil chicken breast and shred them (like what you do for soto ayam) and mix it with pasta, chopped apples (skins on), canned cocktail fruits, mayo, and Heinz salad dressing. Let it set in the fridge until cold and enjoy your summerish salad :)

I don't know the name for the second recipe, even my housemate who cooked it doesn't know what to call it. I think vegetarian fried sandwich would fit jk idk but anyway it taste so nice umm similar to perkedel. You just need to steam (or boil, but it'd taste better of you steam) a couple of potatoes and carrots. After they are soft enough, mash them with a fork. Sautee crushed garlic, pepper, and salt until golden brown-ish and mix it with the potato mixture. Prepare some crackers and make a sandwich by putting the potato mixture between two crackers. Lastly, coat the sandwich with flour and deep fry!

My breakfast this morning
My other housemate also made a yummy batch of brownies. Of course you can use your own favorite brownies recipe but a dash of ground cinnamon will make it even more magical :p I think I've posted enough pictures lol please try any of the recipe if you have time

andd happy tuesday!


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