Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Twenty Thirteen!

Canberra, 2013


How was 2012 for you? For me, frankly, it wasn't really good. I got to deal with lots of stuff and nothing was really spectacular like the the awesome fireworks I just saw last night. Academically, I failed my last year's resolution to graduate. Social-wise, I failed to maintain some silaturahmi ties with certain people and hardly put more effort to do so (which is not a good thing at all :/). Lastly, maybe not many people know this, but I got into a car accident and dislocated my finger back in April. So, nope, 2012 wasn't one of my favorite years. After all pains, struggles, tears, and laughs: I made a crucial decision last year. I won't go any deeper but this decision somewhat changed my life direction. It wasn't easy but I think I had to do it anyway.

But let's put those things aside and move to the brighter corner. I did some minor new stuffs like brazilian wax (no, once is enough for me), bikram yoga (and I'm loving it), went to Coldplay's concert, cooking experiments, wrote a couple of short stories, got accompanied by a special visitor from Jakarta for few days :p andd did a major renovation on this blog. Some people were asking me to keep on updating the blog and it's indeed a pleasure to know that they enjoy my updates :) so, I'll try to update it more frequently. Anyway, I just realised I didn't do much travel this year except Jakarta and Sydney. Oh dear, I really want to do more things this year.

Since it's a new year, I have to come up with new resolutions. To be honest, I don't have a special bucket list for this year but I think I'll come up with something anyway. Few years ago a friend said that I don't have the excitement for some 'new and challenging' things that should be appealing for my age back then (to name a few: cigarettes, clubbing and alcohol). Looking back, I think she's right. Even after I tried all of it, I still don't regard those kind of things as 'cool and exciting' (Being a Jakartan, I fully understand those are the essential 'social tools').

Well, I feel like naturally being on the 'right' path but also boring in the same time :p Sooo, the main mission for this year is to do things that I haven't done before. I mean, I did some weird stuff before but never really feel that I have to record it on this blog. Just to keep everything memorable, I'll write every single shareable thing that I do! :)

That's all for today, I wish you a lovely and wonderful new year!


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