Saturday, May 11, 2013

[Project Tatooine] #4 Hot Air Balloon

My birthdays in Canberra have always been amazing with annual random surprise and lovely people  although the one in Disneyland Anaheim was still the best so far lol. Yet this year was particularly special because the housemates along with Vina and Nadeen were all agreed to celebrate my birthday... in the sky! YES. In the tiny congested box of a HOT AIR BALLOON. Hot air balloon ride was something that never really cross my mind, it reminds me of the travel all around the world story and sounds exciting but I never thought that I will actually experience it.

We arranged to go exactly on 22nd March but they had to cancel the flight because it was raining and the wind was quiet strong--hence, it is dangerous people. Since I don't want to cause a tragic history of my life, we shifted it to the next day. There were three flights that day each with different size of the box and we were all jammed into the biggest box (I really don't know what they call it :p) which is divided into 4 smaller sections and each fits 4 adults (or 5 Asian adults like what we did hahaha). Apparently, they had a marriage proposal took place in one of the other 2 boxes that they and everyone congratulated the soon-to-be bride and groom :)

The overall experience was memorable with fantastic view and amazing people :D

Why is this a special part of Project Tatooine?
hot air balloon ride for the first time ever.


What: Hot Air Balloon Flight
Where: Canberra, Australia
Category: Travel


  1. It was indeed a memorable experience for us, too :-)