Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thrift Stores and Canberra

Thrift store is always fun and full of exploration.

The trip is at best when you finally found something worth faaar more than what they stated on the tag--or at least you believe so. Today, I woke up with an awesome idea of going to the closest thrift store in Dickson shops, Vinnies. Quite surprising that I hadn't pay even a visit to that store after months of living here while I'm actually a big fan of thrift stores. What I love about thrift stores in Australia is the quality and obviously less crowdy. Vinnies also use the proceeds from the sales for charitable and church activities which is sweet at least you know you're getting cheap and quality stuff for a goody goody reason. I was there for quite sometime because as usual the sizes were too large for me so it was kinda hard to find something. Until I came across this chiffon outerwear from M&S.. Indonesia! How did I know? the original tag was still on and apparently it was worth Rp. 699,000 while I got it for $9 :D yayness to infinity and beyond.

The trip to Vinnies today reminds me of the thrift stores in Fiji. Basically almost everyone in the country just buy their stuff from thrift stores, so it is everywhere in Suva. Even when we did a small trip to Levuka, a small island and UNESCO Heritage site, I also found several small thrift stores. Too bad I didn't take picture of the clothes in the store so here is the macro picture of the main street in Levuka :)

Anyways, I just realized I 've never share Canberra pictures on this blog before haha soo I just moved to this neighbourhood  few months ago and walking through this pavement has become my daily routine. Today was a tad gloomy in the morning with light, teasing and short, shower followed after.


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