Saturday, June 22, 2013

and so

Eh? My last post was on the 10th, time surely flies.

I had exams, packing & cleaning, a long journey to Jakarta (via the hazy Singapore), quick reunion with the dearest(s), and a loooong flight to Istanbul (again, via the smokey Singapore) on my list. I don't know how many airports I've gone through in the last 48 hours. The land down under certainly named so for a very obvious reason :p Canberra is almost like Tatooine, far far awaaay.

Anyway, the only important thing is I'm currently in the Ataturk Airport, Istanbul. YES. Perfect example of a dream come true. I've always wanted to go to Turkey and I know that something big in my life will happen in this very country. Okay, maybe not that big but you know what I mean. Continuing my AIESEC story, yes, I am officially matched to an AIESEC project in Izmit (also called as Kocaeli). Soo, now I'm waiting patiently, with my weirdly-tasted caramel frap, for the AIESEC Kocaeli person to get me at the airport. Yeah, talk about the positive correlation between boredom and number of blog posts :p

Since this is so random and I started to sound like a whiny little brat. I will update more professional posts later :> Nothing, I'm just too tired to function like a proper human.

Happy Saturday people!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

The tale of Tatouine and its parallel universe version, Tatooine

The name Tatooine should be familiar for those who have watched any of the double trilogy of Star Wars. I don't exactly remember when I came up with the idea of naming my blog Personal Tatooine, but it should be circa 2005-6. Ah yes, this blog is relatively new compared to my almost rotten, old, full of adolescence hormones blog, which is now under strict surveillance by the owner with limited public access :p and yes, I cherish and adore Star Wars--definitely inspirational, at the very  least manifested in the name of my very private online domain lol. Yet apparently I wasn't as knowledgeable as the so-called hardcore Star Wars fans, although I won't categorize myself as one because this will be frowned upon, because I just realized that Tatooine is real.

I was like dshdbshadbnasbdhasbdnhjsabdhsadhash what.

I watched the long Star Wars documentary before they released the last instalment (episode 3) of the second trilogy (or you can say its the first one, oh so confusing) back in 2005 and I definitely know they did the filming on a real desert. I just didn't realize that the buildings and all are real, they are real people. REAL.

These amazing architectures are located in southern Tatouine district in Tunisia, which obviously where George Lucas derived the name, Tatooine, from. These are called Ksar or adobe granaries (same here. got no idea but sounds sophisticated, no?) and was built by the Berbers. The Ksour (prural) are also known for its water management and ventilation technology to keep the rooms cool during the hottest days. are you sure you're not real too, Luke?

Another interesting news is the fan-driven restoration of Star Wars filming set, the old homestead of Skywalker/Lars family. read their awesome project here. this is undeniably what I call the hardcore fans, those who are not only complaining over Disney haha (while I'm actually excited over the new movie plans and more more more merchandise, yes, I categorize myself as a commercial fan).

So yeah, has been officially added to my bucket list!

The idea behind Personal Tatooine is a private imaginary planet where I can keep my stashes; the quirkiest, wittiest, and deepest thoughts and feelings. Why the dry, hot, and dirty Tatooine? Why not the beautiful and lush Naboo? I'm not certainly sure why, but I think of Tatooine as the furthest point in my own space and everything starts and stays there. It is secluded, foreign yet familiar, and far far awaay.

Thursday, June 6, 2013


I think I'm obsessed with everything cute nowadays. see this blog template? and the fact that I just bought an owl onesie (yes, ebay FTW!)? not sure why, but I've always known this cutesy spirit is somewhere within me or maybe I just have a reverse ageing problem. but but some are just too hard to resist, like these bunnies:

POP Flats

and this cat:

it's okay, I'm in the process of adopting the bunnies so all is good :p a light remedy to heal my lost. yes, I just realized that my claddagh ring went MIA.

on the more serious note, the boyfriend is having his supposedly last night as a student abroad. time flies isn't it? but all of his life progress lately has been a joyous one :) kinda hard to actually realize that the long-waited permanent reunion in Jakarta is coming in just few more months. I really wish that when I'm leaving Canberra for good, everything is good and all I want to remember is a simple smile.

anyways happy Thursday :)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Dan ku tau kau tak pernah bilang gila, dan tak pernah kau ku tau bilang gila, namun kau tak juga pernah bilang gila, tak kan pernah, tak kan pernah hilang jiwa,

Diantara sejumlah bilang yang mengila, disamping kawan, jangan kau buang yang merasakan berjiwa, disamping lawan..

Dan sekarang semua rasa sudah gila, dan gilapun merasakan punya jiwa, namun kau tak pernah juga bilang gila, tak kan pernah tak kan pernah hilang gila

Dan ku harap menjadi bagianmu, ku bisa gila tak berharap, dan ku harap menjadi harapanmu, ku bisa gilaaa..

sorealist to the moon and beyond and back and and oh. Never forget that one memorable JJF music-ky afternoon back in 2005.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Favorite Local Fashion Scenes

I love artsy people and their works. I love supporting local and fresh talents. Oh I fall deeper whenever they incorporate our roots to their works. I've been a loyal admirer and customer for Cotton Ink since day 1, yes, those awesome times filled with pretty cotton scarfs.

As for UP, obviously I was aware of this local gem through the owner's blog. I've been a devoted reader since 2009 before she opened her own business. I still remember how happy I was to find her blog and realised that she was the same person behind poop art on DeviantArt. I bought a pair of her shoes and have been receiving very good compliments :j it really worth the long wait.

I'm actually kinda lost of the current and newer local retail trends, keeping up with the digital version of Indonesian magazines is not that interesting :/

Monday, June 3, 2013

anonymity at best

oh yes. I have my very own visual garden full of blooming inspirations from anywhere on the tumblr-o-verse. who can resist this kind of temptation anyway? daily dose of beauty, an inch to mind blowing, and inspiring gallery with a touch of that familiar foreign feelings embedded to each of the entry.

oh oh oh.

having said that, let's just keep mine as it is; unknown, hence, foreign.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

I stumbled upon a review of Siwon Six on Goodreads.

The reviewer didn’t really say anything about my story in particular but knowing someone actually spent some time reading it… oh that feeling! :j and apparently writers who are registered on ISBN are automatically added into the writers list on Goodreads. Obviously there is no information on my page but it feels like djnfjdnfjbdjfbjd. wow. Okay, its like excessive sugar-high-punch at best. Happiness when it is no longer defined as a mere state of mind.

just wondering, do I really have readers or is it just that witty google bot donating numbers to the page views everyday?

Yes? No? let me know? :}

Levuka Trip

Few excerpts of memories of my Levuka trip when I was doing an internship in Fiji back in 2011. Levuka is an UNESCO Heritage town located in Ovalau Island so we had to take the ship to go there :) All pictures are not edited and haven't been published before.