Saturday, June 22, 2013

and so

Eh? My last post was on the 10th, time surely flies.

I had exams, packing & cleaning, a long journey to Jakarta (via the hazy Singapore), quick reunion with the dearest(s), and a loooong flight to Istanbul (again, via the smokey Singapore) on my list. I don't know how many airports I've gone through in the last 48 hours. The land down under certainly named so for a very obvious reason :p Canberra is almost like Tatooine, far far awaaay.

Anyway, the only important thing is I'm currently in the Ataturk Airport, Istanbul. YES. Perfect example of a dream come true. I've always wanted to go to Turkey and I know that something big in my life will happen in this very country. Okay, maybe not that big but you know what I mean. Continuing my AIESEC story, yes, I am officially matched to an AIESEC project in Izmit (also called as Kocaeli). Soo, now I'm waiting patiently, with my weirdly-tasted caramel frap, for the AIESEC Kocaeli person to get me at the airport. Yeah, talk about the positive correlation between boredom and number of blog posts :p

Since this is so random and I started to sound like a whiny little brat. I will update more professional posts later :> Nothing, I'm just too tired to function like a proper human.

Happy Saturday people!


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