Thursday, June 6, 2013


I think I'm obsessed with everything cute nowadays. see this blog template? and the fact that I just bought an owl onesie (yes, ebay FTW!)? not sure why, but I've always known this cutesy spirit is somewhere within me or maybe I just have a reverse ageing problem. but but some are just too hard to resist, like these bunnies:

POP Flats

and this cat:

it's okay, I'm in the process of adopting the bunnies so all is good :p a light remedy to heal my lost. yes, I just realized that my claddagh ring went MIA.

on the more serious note, the boyfriend is having his supposedly last night as a student abroad. time flies isn't it? but all of his life progress lately has been a joyous one :) kinda hard to actually realize that the long-waited permanent reunion in Jakarta is coming in just few more months. I really wish that when I'm leaving Canberra for good, everything is good and all I want to remember is a simple smile.

anyways happy Thursday :)


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