Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Favorite Local Fashion Scenes

I love artsy people and their works. I love supporting local and fresh talents. Oh I fall deeper whenever they incorporate our roots to their works. I've been a loyal admirer and customer for Cotton Ink since day 1, yes, those awesome times filled with pretty cotton scarfs.

As for UP, obviously I was aware of this local gem through the owner's blog. I've been a devoted reader since 2009 before she opened her own business. I still remember how happy I was to find her blog and realised that she was the same person behind poop art on DeviantArt. I bought a pair of her shoes and have been receiving very good compliments :j it really worth the long wait.

I'm actually kinda lost of the current and newer local retail trends, keeping up with the digital version of Indonesian magazines is not that interesting :/


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