Sunday, June 9, 2013

The tale of Tatouine and its parallel universe version, Tatooine

The name Tatooine should be familiar for those who have watched any of the double trilogy of Star Wars. I don't exactly remember when I came up with the idea of naming my blog Personal Tatooine, but it should be circa 2005-6. Ah yes, this blog is relatively new compared to my almost rotten, old, full of adolescence hormones blog, which is now under strict surveillance by the owner with limited public access :p and yes, I cherish and adore Star Wars--definitely inspirational, at the very  least manifested in the name of my very private online domain lol. Yet apparently I wasn't as knowledgeable as the so-called hardcore Star Wars fans, although I won't categorize myself as one because this will be frowned upon, because I just realized that Tatooine is real.

I was like dshdbshadbnasbdhasbdnhjsabdhsadhash what.

I watched the long Star Wars documentary before they released the last instalment (episode 3) of the second trilogy (or you can say its the first one, oh so confusing) back in 2005 and I definitely know they did the filming on a real desert. I just didn't realize that the buildings and all are real, they are real people. REAL.

These amazing architectures are located in southern Tatouine district in Tunisia, which obviously where George Lucas derived the name, Tatooine, from. These are called Ksar or adobe granaries (same here. got no idea but sounds sophisticated, no?) and was built by the Berbers. The Ksour (prural) are also known for its water management and ventilation technology to keep the rooms cool during the hottest days. are you sure you're not real too, Luke?

Another interesting news is the fan-driven restoration of Star Wars filming set, the old homestead of Skywalker/Lars family. read their awesome project here. this is undeniably what I call the hardcore fans, those who are not only complaining over Disney haha (while I'm actually excited over the new movie plans and more more more merchandise, yes, I categorize myself as a commercial fan).

So yeah, has been officially added to my bucket list!

The idea behind Personal Tatooine is a private imaginary planet where I can keep my stashes; the quirkiest, wittiest, and deepest thoughts and feelings. Why the dry, hot, and dirty Tatooine? Why not the beautiful and lush Naboo? I'm not certainly sure why, but I think of Tatooine as the furthest point in my own space and everything starts and stays there. It is secluded, foreign yet familiar, and far far awaay.


  1. Kanya, can you tell me your old blog URL?
    I'm craving to see it :)
    I hope you're okay with that.

  2. nice to hear that :) but there's nothing particularly important on my old blog that'll make you 'crave' it, really :p

    but if you're a frequent reader of my old blog (if there's any? haha) and want to find certain posts I can help you with that :)

  3. Lol. :D
    Maybe "craving" is to hyperbolic then

    So, could you tell the URL of your old blog?
    My intention is to know the difference between your old blog and the new one
    I really like your words and your (funny) stories :)
    Or if you need my email,

    Thank You Kanya :)