Tuesday, September 17, 2013

of skincare, food, and sweet tunes

I've been writing the Turkey post but oh my so much memories and love that I'm having a hard time to sort it out plus the neverending assignments obeviously don't help at all, but see how Kanya is now blogging instead of actually start writing something more useful.

Anywaays, I've been finally quite devoted to my skincare routine lately (yes mom, finally after 22 years). I am so thankful that I have a pretty good skin, despite the dreadful puberty times long ago, so I don't really need to put on anything and I (always feel like) am good to go with moisturiser and compact powder (and of course, eye liner).

Until one day I realised how dull and scary my face was. Really, like a living panda. This has been the busiest 6 months in my entire schooling history, with at least 2 assignment dues every week obviously I got more attached to my caffeine cuppas and lacking of sleep: not good. So, finallyyy I started to realise the importance of taking care of myself and I discovered the magic of Korean and Japanese skincare. This is not about BB creams and the cute packagings, but the entire lengthy skincare range. I was like oh too troublesome to put at least 4 different things on my face, twice per day :/ but I'm giving it a go anyway.

A long research it was, choosing the products are not easy because, you know, there is a LOT of them and I'm basically a skincare noob and only familiar with American/Australian products which apparently use more bad chemicals. In the end, I got a combination of raved and cult products like Benton, Etude House, Laneige, Kose, and so on. Since, I don't have a troubled skin to start with and dark circles are impossible to be removed with creams,  the result may not be as visible but so far I'm happy with it :) at the very least, I started to care on how I look hahaha

Fine, I'll stop the beauty rant and proceed on my cooking rant.

Last week I finally perfected the Japanese cheesecake and many love them so maybe I'll share the recipe! Also, my friends and I are planning to set a siomay booth for Festival Indonesia next October and we started the trial galore yesterday night. The result is okay but still have things to make it sellable and edible.

aand, I'll let you to enjoy the day with this lovely tunes from Banda Neira*

*Just a small trivia, my grandpa was once exiled in this island along with Hatta and many others.

Have a wonderful day, people :]


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