Sunday, September 8, 2013

Spring Dew

Can't you believe it? Spring is already here! Swoon!

Apparently, I've been missing the aesthetic side of the best season of all as I was living on-campus and hardly go to anywhere 'far'. Since I dropped yoga last semester, I kind of dropped the whole exercise thing because obviously I don't have access to the free Unilodge gym anymore (and it's not like I like going to a gym). Yet, I lost around 4 kg when I was in Turkey simply because I was walking all the time and I had to climb to go to the dorm. So, inspired by my housemate, I decided to walk from ANU to go back home or vice versa. I think that's the least I can do without spending much time (like if I do yoga) because obviously this semester is like a death penalty--even I have 2 assignment dues during the break. No joke. Who dare to violate the student freedom rights? lol. Anyways, with my snail pace it takes around 1 hour+ to do the 4.5 km walk. Not too bad because it takes 30 minutes by bus :)

Who'll ever guess that I'd enjoy my walk? With little help from google maps, I took alternative routes and discover new parts of Canberra which I've never seen (or care enough) before. Actually this is quite sad since this is coming from someone who's been living in Canberra for the past 4 years /chuckles/. If you are following my instagram, you'll get the vibe that I'm kind of obsessed with Sakura or Cherry Blossoms. Ah well, I am! I love those fragile cute petals which you can only enjoy in a blink, because they shed so fast.

Korean drama-inspired display (?) in Braddon

I found a small alley in the neighbourhood, I really thought they don't have alleys like this in Canberra :p

Spring is just perfect because you get the sun and soft wind blow, of course not everyday, but at least we get warmer weather and I finally can leave my thick jackets at home! I find it funny that in Canberra we talk a lot about the weather and not so much in Jakarta (except during hard rains and floods)--people are just dwelled to deep behind the hustle bustles in the Big Durian?

Anyways, have a good weekend people!


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