Sunday, January 26, 2014

A missing domain, noisy orbits, and yawns

I missed the domain payment period and just realised Blogger cut its domain services. Sigh. Now I have to blababeep with random domain websites. Ah well :]

It's been a month plus since I'm back in Jakarta <3 adjusting back to the hustle && bustle of the Big Durian (literally!). I have constant cravings of foreign placements. My devotion to travel is as much as this urge to discover, learn and perceive. Yet, home is home and Jakarta takes a large chunk in my definition of 'home'. Ah yes, personal definition always matters, no?

I got a hopeless list of blog post drafts since October lolnot see how I was detaching myself again from the net. Everything that rotates around me has become an over-sharer, what a noisy orbit. But being a social media ghost whisperer every once in a while is also not healthy. Yeah, I'm not only adjusting back to the congested boulevards and moral degradation on the streets of Jakarta but also to share a less altruistic and more egoistic updates. As usual I just blargh-ed eveything here after months of none-ness, and clearly I only produce nonsense-ness. I mean, what is this paragraph all about?

Ah! The perfect excuse would be post-second-bikram-class-tinglings. Loving the magic of Yoga classes :) although I'm pretty sure the same law of universe applies to all type of sports. As long as you love to do it, it nurtures magic in your body, mind, and soul.

Yawn yawn. I need to rest my blurry vision.


  1. So, instead of cursing the oh so damn bad Jakarta's traffic, let's runaway and escape from the reality for a while! #labuanbajomenanti #sumbafloresdidepanmata