Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Canberra (2011) taken with Superheadz Usagi ASA100

Do you remember Britney's Crossroads?

A sequence of American teenagers corny cliches, you get the idea. Life is all about moving on to the next stepping stone. Dynamic at best. But then there is always one large gap between the tiny ones and that is a perfect definition of crossroads. Hands up for uni, I'm totally done with it but the next question would be what should I do with the baton that I just received? Which stone? Should I take the main street or the alleys? Where? How?

Put aside the shitcliches, I feel you Britney.

The peer-crowd is there, lining up. In the capital that is what working people do, they queue. Applications, interviews, morning traffics, lunches, mid-day traffics, and jammed afternoons. All dressed up and queue in the best professional attitude one could bring. I don't despise anything. It is a portrait of an urban capital, which I'm a proud part of it. Let's not be a hypocrite, all the prestige and social pride comes from which Sudirman building you walk in everyday anyway. That is basically the main road and one of the many views.

The alleys? As much as an alley could give, of course. Narrow (yet open?), full of minorities, less socially-constructed pride. I don't know. This is an open-ended part of life. Personal definition matters a lot. Mine would be full of discoveries, what is there to try? to know? and to question? I feel like a little girl who insists to go to the other side of the farm lol but really, what is there to live?

Being born in Jakarta, is this actually mine or belongs to a group of shadow shareholders?

Tsk. Why Britney?


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