Tuesday, May 6, 2014

toes tues

Wanted to update the blog for so many times. Did not happen. Oh I wonder why.

Last whole month I interned for Biskuat marketing division of Mondelez International. They call the internship program "A Joyful Experience". Maybe it was not as joyful but to make it fair, I had so much fun learning about how marketing works in the FMCG industry and meeting new people :] too bad it was so short. I kind of realised what marketers do is my kind of dream job. Designing new products for kids? Designing the whole market plan? Follow up the implementations? All excites the little girl in me. The best part is you could always ask someone else to do all the technicals--the only thing you need is creativity. Too bad it was so short.

But I am moving on.

Going to start a whole new corporate chapter at a local consulting company next week.

Which means I have few days of not joining the corporate commuter crowd. zo nize. I had lunch with ze boyfriend and fulfilled my longings for Taiwanese grass jelly aka cincau at Black Ball. Followed by me-time movies companied by nail polishes, nail decals, and farewell snacks from the nice peeps in Mondelez.

Seems like I have to go back to the Bikram studio ASAP.

Work-life balance? Well, in the end of the day negative feedback happens. We are all approaching back the original equilibrium. Too much for an ex-econs student. I iz in a desperate need of Bikram sesh(s).


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