Wednesday, August 5, 2015

To explore, to know your surroundings

Tebet is a subdistrict of South Jakarta, one of the administrative cities which form the Capital Region of Jakarta, Indonesia.
After living in Tebet for 14 years, I have never really explored the area.

When you try to observe or even study the Big Durian, enduring complexity is key. Jakarta is a manifesto of complex social interaction. A place where vast ideas and opportunities juggled with fate and realities. No wonder the citizens are living with maze-like system of thoughts. We are faced with situations the moment we step out of so-called comfort zones, situations where fast decision and audacity are needed.

Tebet is a perfect portrait of this entangled situations, of the capital's uneven treatment. The neighbourhood is mostly occupied with middle-upper residences, small business establishments and flooded with younger crowd on weekends. It is known for small alleys and maze-like pathways. Finding a house might be a sheer torture for those who are not familiar with the neighbourhood. Hustle. Bustle.

Yet, if you dwell deeper you might find a sanctuary of its own, a kind of peace which separates the place from general stereotypes. I will stop here and let you go through the captured moments.

Full of surprises, indeed. As Jakarta always does.


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