Sunday, August 13, 2017

I Still Remember the Day

Dear R,

I still remember the day you took a running course to my house. At that time I did not know how persistent you were, that I took half of your saying as passing jokes. As we all agree now, it was never the case. You actually walked (or ran) your talk. You stole some part of me that morning. One thing I did not realise.. it was only the beginning.

I still remember the day you hold my hand for the first time. It is been the longest time since I had that fluttering butterflies in the stomach situation. Exponential, uncontrollable, heart rates. As cheesy as it sounds, it was one of my happiest moments. I could not understand why but I know it has to be you.

I still remember the day you asked me to be your girlfriend. We went on our first official date, a cliche movie and IKEA date. We spent the whole day together and finally you started the conversation. It was not a question, it was a statement. I remember the fluttering butterflies went back the moment you caught me in your lips.

I still remember the day you ran your first marathon. Waiting at the finish line was such a thrilling experience. The suspense of waiting for you call or message although I could check your position. That moment you passed the finish line was pure happiness. We were still so much in our honeymoon period. I could not express how happy I was during our dates to my favorite places and meeting your family.

I do not remember the day we first met. Yet I remember (almost) all the subsequent encounters. Between the days above, I learned about and from you. A thick headed, stubborn, yet adorable being. Adorable because you are such a kind-hearted, honest and genuinely love the people you choose.

I learned how to love and to commit. That love is giving and receiving. That communication is very important to grow the relationship. From you I finally understand what I have been looking to finally settle my anchor. Because you erased or move aside all the thoughts and doubts so that I found a peaceful corner in myself. Enough to start appreciating and accepting, to stepping up the game.

I still remember the day you proposed to me. There was no fancy dinner, no kneel down proposal. Maybe you were nervous and wanted to give the ring as soon as possible although we both already know the answer. Of course I would say I do. That day changed my status into someone's fiancee, unofficially.

Thank you for being here and there, through the peaks and troughs. I am so excited to start collecting more moments with you. I love you, I really do.

Much loves,

Monday, August 7, 2017

Wedding Prep: Jakarta MUA Hunting! (+ Pricelist)

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Post ini sengaja ditulis dalam Bahasa Indonesia karena saya membayangkan pembacanya adalah sesama calon pengantin yang sedang mencari vendor untuk pernikahannya. Saya merasa sangat sangat sangat terbantu dengan adanya blog-blog yang posting informasi dan review vendor pernikahan seperti:

Although I don't know them personally, I really am thankful for the help, heaps!

Sejak dilamar dan mulai mempersiapkan pernikahan hal pertama yang saya pikirkan adalah make up artist karena mendengar cerita orang yang sudah menikah, blog serta forum banyak yang bilang bahwa mereka kesusahan mencari make up artist pada saat sudah mepet. Sebelum menentukan tanggal pun saya sudah menghubungi beberapa make up artist untuk meminta pricelist mereka. Siapa saja yang sudah aku hubungi?