Monday, July 16, 2018

Intimate Wedding Venue di Jakarta

Source: Katakita Photo

Venue adalah variabel kunci dari persiapan pernikahan karena venue akan menentukan variabel-variabel lainnya (dan berujung di total cost!). Karena konsep pernikahanku adalah convenient and intimate, aku mencari venue kecil dengan kapasitas 200-400 orang di Jakarta.

Beberapa intimate venue harga sewanya lebih mahal daripada venue yang lebih besar. Tapi perlu diingat semakin besar venue, semakin besar juga budget yang harus disiapkan untuk dekorasi. Budget dekorasi itu bisa tak terbatas dari belasan juta hingga milyaran karena memang tidak ada pakemnya. Berikut adalah beberapa rekomendasi intimate venue di Jakarta Pusat dan Jakarta Selatan yang aku rekomendasikan.

Monday, July 2, 2018


Been 3 months since the D-day. A day we prepared for almost 9 months, all the excitement and emotions involved makes the wedding preparation process unforgettable and memorable in the same time.

After the wedding, honeymoon, and all cliche stuff attached to it.. comes the marriage life. What is it like so far? Pure happiness, I would say. Happiness is a state of mind after all--it really depends on us whether we want to pursue the path of happiness or the darker one.

I used to talk, discuss, the thrill and challenges of being married, of being in a marriage, with my girlfriends. I used to think that I would get married in my 30s and literally and honestly did not get why people want to get married in their early 20s. I don't buy those local jokes on the misery of being single. Marriage used to be a very sensitive and huge subject.

Until I met him.

He was never a stranger and I have been following his life on the surface. We met, dated, and engaged. The process was very natural that I am still surprised how much changes have taken in my life with him by my side.

We moved in together, spent the first Ramadhan month, both moved to new offices, and I made my mind on education/career path. There are so much to do and look forward. I guess marriage is just another stepping stone that you take once you are ready, naturally.

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